boston-lagerTo help celebrate and recognize America’s Independence we’re pouring $2.37 pints of Sam Adams Boston Lager for the rest of the weekend (or until the keg is empty)!!

237 years ago the Founding Fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming independence from Great Britain, and setting in motion events that would cause a new nation to be formed. Amongst the signers was Samuel Adams, a leader of the Patriot resistance and firm believer that American colonists were “entitled, to…natural, essential, inherent, and inseparable rights, liberties, and privileges…”. He was also a brewer who had inherited a brewing tradition from his father.

In 1985, when the American beer landscape consisted primarily of pale lagers from the mass marketing beer giants, Jim Koch used his family’s recipes, which hadn’t been used since the Louis Koch brewery closed during prohibition, to introduce Sam Adams Boston Lager. Today, the beer is brewed with the same recipe, and continues to surprise people with its flavor.

Come in for a pint and reconnect with this old favorite that helped pave the way for the many craft beers we have today!