Friday Favorite for August 9th

Tuesdays at Darryl’s Couch have the Mystery Beer. But because Fridays are a very special day —  It’s the last day of the work week and, more importantly, it’s the start of the weekend! — we’ve decided you should get to have some input on what beer to enjoy to start your weekend, so we’re letting you choose a Friday Favorite for us to put on tap!

Just answer one simple question: If we had all these beers available to put on tap, which one would you like us to tap?

  • • Voting will close at 3:30
  • • We’ll tap by 4:00!
  • • If we can’t tap the winner then we’ll tap the 2nd place finisher.
  • • Please vote only once
  • • You can share it and have your friends vote too!

See you this afternoon!

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