New Brew Thursday logoThanks to the an idea planted in our heads by our friends over at New Brew Thursday, we’re adding a new selection to our bottle list every Thursday. Each week we’ll bring in a new 22oz bottle in limited quantities that we haven’t seen here before, and hopefully something you haven’t had before! Come in and grab a bottle before they’re gone, and be sure to check-in to the beer on the Untappd beer tracking app so that you can earn your New Brew Thursday badge!

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Last week we brought you Café Racer 15, a DIPA from Bear Republic. (There’s still a couple left by the way.)

This week, we’re bringing you 2 new beers: Rustic Rye IPA and R&R Coconut IPA

Rustic Rye IPA — Bootleggers Brewery in Fullerton, CA
Bootlegger’s Brewery strives to be a local artisan brewery making high quality, unique beers. Rustic Rye is an example of their efforts!

Rustic Rye IPA – 6.2% ABV, 90.9 IBU

Our Rustic Rye IPA balances the malted barley and spicy rye grains with a floral and earthy hop flavor and aroma. The maltiness of this beer is balanced with its finish of a crisp, clean hop bite. The combination makes for a truly memorable and refreshing beer.

Style: American IPA

R&R Coconut IPA — Robert Masterson & Ryan Reschan, Rip Current, and Stone
This limited release collaboration brings a unique taste to the IPA world by including coconuts in the brewing process!
Style: IPA — 7.7% ABV, 90 IBU

Originally dreamt up by homebrewers Robert Masterson and Ryan Reschan, who earned themselves the top prize in our 2013 American Homebrewers Association homebrewing contest, this innovative beer marks a refreshing sea change for IPA lovers everywhere. It was brewed with 280 pounds of coconut and an unusual blend of hop varieties, including a few from faraway lands or just brand spankin’ new, and is guaranteed to taste like no IPA that’s gone before. Prepare yourself for a tropical breeze of a brew that will lull you to a place of tranquil contentment for a little R & R.