Porters For Pups info sheetPorters for Pups
with Institution Ale Co.

Our friends just down the road at Institution Ale Co. came up with a great idea to help out our Ventura County Animal Services, and we’re excited to help out too!

Starting on November 1st Institution Ale Co.’s Ratched Rye Porter (7.0% – 37 IBU) returned to their tasting room and their PORTERS FOR PUPS fundraiser began! Through the month of November, $1 of every porter pint they sell will be donated to Ventura County Animal Services.

Since Institution’s tasting room isn’t open on Mondays and Tuesdays, we felt it’s only appropriate to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this tasty porter while still contributing to the cause 7 days a week. Starting today, and for as long as the beer is on tap here this month, we’ll also be donating $1 for every pint of Ratched Rye Porter we sell!

This is a great opportunity to enjoy great beer and help support the local animal shelters and the services they provide to animals in need.

When you can, be sure to drop by Institution’s tasting room. There they’ll also be donating $2 of every porter growler fill, along with special glassware  made for the event, and $2 of each glassware sale will also be donated.

And of course, additional donations can be made at the tasting room and will be given directly to Ventura County Animal Services.

From their website:

RATCHED RYE PORTER:  Ratched Rye Porter is a Robust Style Porter with a generous amount of rye for added complexity. Large roasted notes on the nose evolve into coffee, malt, and chocolate flavors on the palate. The heavier body finishes semi-sweet with a burnt finish. ABV: 7.0%, IBU: 37, SRM: 29