Sunday, March 9th, at 6:00, join fellow fans huddling together to share our gasps, laughs, and commentaries as we watch the latest episode of one our favorite shows, The Walking Dead!

It’s on right at dinnertime, so join in on our weekly pot luck! This week’s theme is Mexican, so bring something tasty to share! You don’t need to feed a horde of walkers, and your fellow fans aren’t going to dine on you if you can’t bring anything at all.

At 7:00 we’ll be watching Talking Dead, followed by an encore showing of the night’s episode!

Remember that all craft beers are 10% off during the 1st showing of The Walking Dead, and during Talking Dead.

See you at 6:00, and don’t forget the time change!

(This week, the LA Kings take on the Edmonton Oilers starting at 5:00. For our Kings’ fans, we’ll be having the game on one of our TVs, but sound will be on for The Walking Dead.)