It’s April 1st — No Joke, But Still A Mystery

For the past few weeks I kicked around ideas of what to do on April 1st: Publish an attempted joke about closing down, or worse yet, being bought out by someone just wanting Bud, Miller and Coors on tap. But in reality I’ve been distracted by a variety of things, including the season finale of The Walking Dead, and I don’t have the brains to be creative enough to be entertaining enough.

Being April 1st, it’s also a prime opportunity to put a BMC on tap as the Mystery Beer. The problem with that plan is that even if I got a just a small keg I’d be stuck with most of it after the Mystery had been revealed; joke’s on me then since it’ll take forever for that keg to empty out. I thought about obscuring all the taps and you’d have to order by number, but that could be a serious problem if you got an IPA but don’t really like ’em. I like you all too much for that.

I finally settled on simply putting on a beer with a special ingredient, but not telling you what it is until Wednesday during the reveal. I do have the brains for that.

With that said…
This week’s Mystery Beer is an 8 ounce pour of a Stout (exact BJCP style is unknown, but we think it’s 13B. Sweet Stout). We’re not divulging the ABV or IBU here, but we’ll have it posted at the bar.

No guessing necessary this week, but you will be getting  the 8 ounce pour for $1.00 off the brew’s regular price!

Use your brain and come in Tuesday for a pour of what I hope you will find to be a tasty alcoholic beverage with unique flavors from a unique ingredient! Its identity will be kept secret throughout the day, but on Wednesday we’ll post what it is to our websiteFacebook & Twitter!

Sorry, no tasters and no samples — you have to commit to the mystery.