Did You Use Your Brains for the Mystery?

Yesterday we put on a Mystery Beer that included a special and unusual ingredient. We tried dropping hints here and there — you saw them if you used your brain — to try to make you believe the secret ingredient was actually brains. We even posted a link on Facebook and Twitter to Dock Street Brewing in Philadelphia, PA, who recently released their new beer named “Walker”, made with — get ready for it — organic cranberry and goat brains!! Sadly, this was not the Mystery Beer… but we’d still like to try it!

The actual Mystery Beer did include an ingredient that we haven’t seen in a beer here at the Couch before, though it wasn’t brains. The mystery ingredient was Oysters! The beer itself is a collaboration Stout between Santa Clara Valley Brewing and Palo Alto Brewing Co.; both are gypsy brewers based in the Bay Area brewing beers at a variety of locations.

Come by and enjoy either a pint or 8oz pour of this tasty brew while it’s still on tap!