dreammachinelogosmallMystery Beer Revealed

Once again, we didn’t do a very good job masking the identity of the Mystery Beer and most everyone was able to identify it and walk out with their own glass. In case you missed out, the mysterious India Pale Lager (IPL) is Dream Machine from Magic Hat Brewing in Vermont. It’s still on tap so you have a chance to try this twist on the IPA. From their website:


Dream Machine, an India Pale Lager or IPL, is a melding of varied visions of an India Pale Ale and an Amber Lager. Once poured, its light copper color delights the eyes and a citrusy hop aroma flows through the nose. Upon first sip, a smooth hop bitterness reveals itself – fresh, bold and slightly spicy – before subtle hints of mild maltiness appear. A big hop bite and a crisp, clean lager finish combine for a beautifully balanced beer. Take Dream Machine for a spin and let your reverie begin.

Stop in for a pint before it’s gone!