As you may know, last weekend I (Darryl) was out of town and in my absence Mitchell & Garrett grabbed some great beers from the “cellar” to put on tap; Firestone Walker’s Winter Wookey & Bourbon Barrel Aged Santa’s Little Helper from Port Brewing. These are just a couple of beers that I’ve been letting age, but it seems that many of you enjoyed having these big beers on tap.

I got the hint, so each Saturday (for the next few weeks at least) I’ll be pulling something special out of the cellar to make it available for you to enjoy in the pub. The caveat is: by the end of the day Sunday (if it lasts that long) it goes back in the cellar!

To get this weekly event started right, I’ll be pulling out a keg of Stickee Monkey from our friends at Firestone Walker to put on tap this Saturday, August 9th. This “Central Coast Quad” is in a style all its own, and despite an ABV of 13.4% it’s a brew that you won’t soon forget.

Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for details on what time it will be available this Saturday.

And you’re welcome!