SF v Dallas - Sept 7

The NFL season is underway with the majority of teams playing their first game today! One of the few things better than watching football while having a cold beer is watching football while having a great craft beer, and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to do just that without missing any game time!

Our regular opening time on Sundays is 2:00pm. As you may know, this is due to a restriction on our alcohol license which we are working to get changed. While this restriction prevents us from selling or allowing the consumption of alcohol here on the premises before 2:00, we will be opening our doors at 1:15 so that you can be here to watch the Forty Niners at Cowboys starting at 1:25. Bring your lunch, grab food from our neighbors at The Hidden Cafe or Village Greens Market, or order in a pizza!

The only catch is: we can’t serve nor can we permit the consumption of any alcohol until 2:00pm. But, if you’re here with us for the first quarter you’ll get 10% off your craft beer purchases during the game starting at 2:00!

We know it’s a weird rule, not allowing us to serve until 2:00, and we hope that the change goes through soon. But in the meantime, come enjoy the game  starting at 1:25 and then enjoy it with 10% off some of your favorite craftbeers starting at 2:00!