Each and every Tuesday we bring you a draft beer that we’ve never had on tap here before in the form of our Tuesday Mystery Beer. This week, we are tapping something new to us, but we wanted to make sure that you know what it is because A) You usually can’t find this beer on tap ANYWHERE on a Tuesday, and B) we have some wonderful glassware for you to take home to commemorate the beer. There’s also a couple of sporting events this evening worth watch as well!

LA Kings vs Philadelphia Flyers

When we open at 4:00 today, our LA Kings will in Philadelphia to take on the Flyers. As always, whenever the Kings are playing and we have the game on you get 10% off craft beers during the game!*

World Series – Game 6

At 5:07 tonight, Game 6 of the World Series begins as the San Francisco Giants attempt to take the series from the Kansas City Royals in Kansas City.

New Beer on Tap – Imperial Restraint

To top off the day, we have happy to announce that we were able to get a keg of Institution Ale’s 1st Anniversary beer — Imperial Restraint! This beer comes in at a tasty 10.1% abv and 80 IBU. Don’t let the high IBU fool you though. This beer is deliciously balanced and flavorful, without the bitterness you find in an IPA of similar IBU.

IMG_3139From the Institution Ale Co website:

IMPERIAL RESTRAINT – Restraint is one of our most popular beers and the beer that we are most proud of here at Institution. We felt it appropriate to make our first anniversary beer an Imperial version of our flagship Brown Ale. Imperial Restraint is a big (10.1% ABV) American Brown Ale. Just like Restraint, this beer is aged on Hard Maple Wood to add complexity and a hint a woodsy maple sweetness. Unlike Restraint, this beer also gets treated with Tahitian vanilla beans and Beacon Coffee Company’s XX Espresso Blend. What’s the result? An incredibly creamy and complex Brown Ale with layers of chocolate, cherry, caramel, roasted coffee, licorice, and dark fruit. ABV: 10.1%, IBU 80, SRM 25.8

We also acquired several Institution Ale Co. 1st Anniversary Commemorative glasses, and to help celebrate our friends 1st Anniversary, if you order a glass of this delicious Brown Ale we’re letting you keep the glass!**

Stop in today for some great craft beer, to watch a game or two, and enjoy some good time with friends!



* LA Kings discount applies to all Draft and 12-16 ounce Bottles & Cans of craft beers ordered between 10 minutes before and until 3 hours after the scheduled start time of games that we are showing and cannot be combined with other discounts.
** Limit one (1) glass per person.