It’s Tuesday, which means it’s Tuesday Mystery Beer time as well as the LA Kings game at 5:30!

LA Kings at Dallas Stars

Tonight at 5:30 the LA Kings close out their 5 game road trip in Dallas against the Stars. Join us to cheer on the Kings in hopes that they return home Thursday from a win tonight! To help give you more reason to cheer, you’ll receive 10% off craft beers during the game*!

Need some munchies to go with the game and your delicious craft beer? Remember that while we don’t prepare any food ourselves you’re always welcome to bring in whatever you like, whether it’s from home, ordered in while you’re here, or even a sandwich or a burger from our next-door neighbors at the Village Greens Market!

Tuesday Mystery Beer

Mystery Beer glassAnother Tuesday and another beer that’s never been on tap here before. This one is a unique style and not suited for everyone, but it’s certainly worth a try!

The style of this week’s Mystery Beer is a Flanders Red Ale (BJCP Style 17B), which falls under BJCP Style Category 17 of Sour. This blended beer has 6.0% abv, unknown IBUs, and a Tuesday only price of $7.25 for an 8oz tulip**.

If you’ve never tried a sour before, this beer is the perfect opportunity to begin with the style. Enjoy some tasty sips on this beer while enjoying the LA Kings’s game starting at 5:30.


All pricing posted includes sales tax.
* Our LA Kings game discount applies to select 12-16 ounce Bottles & Cans of craft beers and all draft beers, with the exception of the Mystery Beer, ordered between 10 minutes before and 3 hours after the scheduled start time of the game and cannot be combined with other discount offers.
**Pricing for the Mystery Beer is a Tuesday only price. Cannot be combined with additional/other discounts.