Welcome to another Tuesday!

This week’s Mystery Beer comes to us from a brewery that we’ve had here before, but this is a special brew from them. The style itself is considered a Specialty Beer (BJCP Category 23), which is considered a catch-all category for brews that don’t really fit anywhere else. What makes this one different is that it’s a Red Rye IPA. While we couldn’t find the IBU information, we do know that it’s 6.8% abv, pungent, bitter, but with underlying flavor you’d expect from an red ale. Stop in and enjoy a 12oz pour for the Tuesday only price of $5.50 (inc tax).

Also new on tap today we’re adding FMB “101” from Figueroa Mountain Brewing (Style: Kolsh | ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 20), and for you sour fans there’s Golden Road Berliner Weisse (Style: Berliner Weisse | ABV: 3.3% | IBU: 10), and yes we have raspberry syrup to add for you traditionalists. Returning to the taps we also have from Mammoth Brewing their Double Nut Brown (Style: Brown Porter | ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 25) And yes, they’re from Mammoth, CA.

Shortly after we open at 4:00 our LA Kings will be visiting the Buffalo Sabres in their last meeting of the 2014-2015 regular season. Come in to watch the game and cheer on the Kings and remember that you’ll get 10% off your craft beers during the game!

A few stouts were removed from the line-up today, but you probably noticed that already. Don’t worry though. Whether or not you got your opportunity to get some Goose Island Bourbon County brand Stout or Humboldt Black Xantus on tap this past weekend, we’ll be giving you another chance this coming weekend. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter for details to come!

Here’s hoping you have a great craft beer Tuesday!

All pricing posted includes sales tax.
* Our LA Kings game discount applies to select 12-16 ounce Bottles & Cans of craft beers and all draft beers, with the exception of the Mystery Beer, ordered between 10 minutes before and 3 hours after the scheduled start time of the game and cannot be combined with other discount offers.
**Pricing for the Mystery Beer is a Tuesday only price and includes tax. Cannot be combined with additional/other discounts.