A few days ago we had Super Stout Sunday which featured, among others, Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island Brewing in Chicago, IL. The keg of BCS was kept on tap through Monday, but fortunately for those of you that missed it (and also for those of you that didn’t), the keg isn’t empty and it’s coming back on tap this Sunday! But there’s a catch, so pay attention because you won’t be able to simply walk into the pub and order one.

Everyone that brings in a new, unwrapped toy on Sunday, December 14th for our Toys For Tots toy drive will receive the opportunity to order an 8 ounce pour of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout!

What you need to know

• Bourbon County Stout (BCS) will be available on tap when we open Sunday, December 14th
• You MUST bring a new, unwrapped toy for Toys For Tots to order a serving of BCS
• There is a limit of 1 serving of BCS per person, but you are welcome to bring multiple toys!*
• If the BCS keg empties out we will tap Black Xantus from Humboldt Brewing in its place and these same rules apply
• If Black Xantus goes on tap and you have already received your serving of BCS, you must have brought at least one additional toy
• If you bring a toy and we are out of both BCS and Black Xantus you will receive 25% off the regular price of any other beer on tap
• If you bring a toy and do not want a serving of BCS or Black Xantus, you will receive 25% off the regular price of any other beer on tap

LA Kings & 10% Off

You should also note that the LA Kings play the Toronto Maple Leafs at 2:00. As with all LA Kings games, you’ll receive 10% off craft beers during the game** , including your BCS or Black Xantus purchases.


All pricing posted includes sales tax.
Both Bourbon County Stout and Black Xantus will be available at their regular prices to those who bring toys for Toys For Tots. Both beers are eligible for regular discounts including LA Kings game, American Homebrewers Association and California Homebrewers Association discounts.
* The opportunity to purchase a serving of BCS/Black Xantus is non-transferable: If you have already received a serving, someone else cannot bring in a toy then give you their serving of BCS
** Our LA Kings game discount applies to select 12-16 ounce Bottles & Cans of craft beers and all draft beers, with the exception of the Tuesday Mystery Beer, ordered between 10 minutes before and 3 hours after the scheduled start time of the game and cannot be combined with other discount offers.