It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another Mystery Beer!

This week’s Mystery is a style that I’ve said is not brewed often enough: a Strong Scotch Ale. Despite the style’s name there is no scotch actually used in the production of the beer (unless the brewers are using it for inspiration). Here in America the style originally referred to beers that were strong ales brewed in Scotland which were similar to barley wines and tended toward sweetness and a full body. Nowadays it also refers to beers that use peat-smoked malts.

From the BJCP Style guidelines on Strong Scotch Ales:

Richly malty with kettle caramelization often apparent (particularly in stronger versions). Hints of roasted malt or smoky flavor may be present, as may some nutty character, all of which may last into the finish. Hop flavors and bitterness are low to medium-low, so malt impression should dominate. Diacetyl is low to none, although caramelization may sometimes be mistaken for it. Low to moderate esters and alcohol are usually present. Esters may suggest plums, raisins or dried fruit. The palate is usually full and sweet, but the finish may be sweet to medium-dry (from light use of roasted barley).

Specific to our Mystery Beer this week, it comes in at 9.2% abv and 20 IBU. It’s actually a collaboration brew from 4 different brewers in the San Francisco Bay area and brewed with beechwood and peat-smoked malts, housemade candy sugar and heather.

Stop in for an dram or two or more of the Mystery Scotch Ale today and find out what it is tomorrow!


Also, back in the beer fridge and joining the bottle/can lineup again by popular demand, we now have cans of Firestone Walker 805. We’ll also be rearranging our bottle fridge to fill it with even more great bottles and cans of daily favorites as well big bottles fit for sharing!


*Mystery Beer pricing cannot be combined with other discount offers. All posted prices include sales tax.