Tuesday Mystery Trouble

Yesterday’s Mystery Beer was a sweet stout from across the pond poured from our nitro tap. There were several guesses (as there usually are) and though we typically denied it when anyone guesses correctly, yesterday one of our friends did make a correct guess. But we’re not yet going to reveal what the beer actual was, or was, because we had to take it off tap late last night.
Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we had to disconnect the keg and take it off tap. We’re working on the problem today and hope to have it again available tomorrow. To make up for interrupting you’re ability to enjoy it, when it is again available we’re still going to keep it a Mystery at the Tuesday Mystery price. We’ll also tell you what it is if you order one so you don’t have until a day later to learn its identity.

New Ciders From Sonoma Cider

Yesterday we added some ciders from Sonoma Cider to the bottle fridge as well as a very special and limited one to our taps. Some folks from the cidery were here as well to share information on some of their upcoming releases. Fortunately, we still have several of their delicious ciders available today!

  • Dry Zider (on tap): Cider aged in Zinfandel Barrels
  • Crowbar: Cider with Habanero & Lime
  • The Anvil: Cider infused with Bourbon

Try one soon and see if it improves your opinion of ciders!