Tuesday Mystery Beer

This week’s Mystery Beer is a milk stout from a west coast brewery we’ve never had in the pub before! The beer is brewed with oats and infused with cold coffee extract for a rich, roasty aroma. It’s a mellow 6.0%abv and has a definite caffeine kick! Come in Tuesday for an 8 ounce pour at $4.75* then learn its identity Wednesday!

Wednesday Food Truck

This Wednesday, August 26 from 5:30-9:00, our friends on the Shrimp vs Chef return to Camarillo Springs with more of their tasty food! Last time he was here, Chef Temple treated us to some Fried Green TomatoesShrimp Bowls and delicious Po’Boy Shrimp Sandwiches. Stop by for some delicious food in the middle of the week to go with some of our tasty craft beers!

From the Cellar Saturday

This week we’re pulling our keg of Lagunitas Gnarly Wine from out of our cellar to put on the taps for your pleasure through the weekend… or until the keg kicks! A 10.6%abv barleywine whose “…first sip is for thirst, the second one for pleasure. The third is for romance, and the fourth for pure madness.”

Fear The Walking Dead Watch Party & Potluck

This coming Sunday, join friends and fellow craftbeer fans as we gather together to watch episode 2 of our newest fav zombie-based drama: Fear the Walking Dead! The new episode begins at 6:00pm and our potluck food theme this week is BBQ. Even you don’t cook we hope you’ll still join some of the best craftbeer and zombie fans around for a great evening together!


Cheers! And hope to see you in the pub soon!!

*Prices shown include all applicable sales tax