It’s the last Tuesday of the month, and possibly the last Tuesday #MysteryBeer (more on that later). This week’s it’s an Ordinary Bitter from a local brewery (by our standards that means within 42 miles of here) that we’ve never had at the Couch before now. What’s an Ordinary Bitter? Well some of what the 2015 BJCP Beer Style Guildelines states for style 11A. Ordinary Bitter:

Overall Impression: Low gravity, low alcohol levels, and low carbonation make this an easy-drinking session beer. The malt profile can vary in flavor and intensity, but should never override the overall bitter impression. Drinkability is a critical component of the style.

It is reasonably assumed that a beer style named bitter would have bitterness or heavy hopping as primary attributes, but such is not the case as hops and malt play equal parts. This particular beer uses just a few specialty malts to create a rounded grain profile. The hops are common English varieties for a floral, wood, and earth character that is the cornerstone of the bitter style. Just enough hops to peak over the hedge of malt.

Come and enjoy a pint of this 3.5% Bitter today and learn its identity tomorrow!

And remember that tonight at 5:00 our LA Kings are in Winnepeg to take on the Jets. As always, the game will be on and we’ll have 10% off drafts during the game*. We’ll also be showing game 1 of the World Series, unless they’re rained out tonight. 

See you soon. Cheers!!

What’s a Mystery Beer?

Each Tuesday we’ll tap a beer, let you know the style, the Alcohol By Volume (ABV), and the International Bittering Units (IBU), and we’ll sell it at a special reduced price. What’s the catch? We won’t tell you the name of the beer or who brews it! You’ll have to wait until the next day to see the update on our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed!
Enjoy the mystery!!

*Our LA Kings game discount applies to draft beers ordered between 15 minutes before and 3 hours after the scheduled start time of the game and cannot be applied to the Mystery Beer or combined with other discount offers.