Mystery Reveal

Yesterday’s Mystery Beer comes from about 30 miles away in Van Nuys, CA. The Session Gap, the Ordinary Bitter pouring from the mystery tap yesterday, is from MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. Located just west of Van Nuys bl. near Oxnard st. at 14741 Calvert st., MacLeod is a brewery focused exclusively on British style ales.

The Session Gap is a sessionable 3.5% abv with a pleasant balance that allows you to enjoy the malts with just the right amount of bitter. From the MacLeod website about the beer:

Pub bitters are rare in the US apart from bland, filtered, and pasteurized Boddingtons. Bitter really comes into its own when served at its peak in cask. It is a straightforward yet lovely beer, and its subtlety is often misunderstood. Not to mention the confusion of bitter/bitterness. It is reasonably assumed that a beer style named ‘bitter’ would have ‘bitterness’ or heavy hopping as primary attributes, but such is not the case as hops and malt play equal parts. However, there are years and years boosting the resilience of this misnomer, meaning we will just have to live with the contradiction.

The recipe for the Session Gap uses just a few specialty malts to create a rounded grain profile. The hops are common English varieties for that floral, wood, and earth character that is the cornerstone of the bitter style. Just enough hops to peak over the hedge of malt.

Drop in to the pub soon for a pint, for we fear that this keg may not last long.

Born Yesterday from Lagunitas

Using whole, fresh hops rushed to the brewery straight from Washington, Lagunitas added un-kilned, whole cones of Amarillo, Equinox, Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Indigenous Catawampus hops to their New Dogtown Pale Ale creating a beer loaded fresh hop flavor and aroma. How fresh? They bottled and kegged this beer on Monday, October 26th then rushed out so it can get in our mouths ASAP.

Visit the Lagunitas website to watch their video showing the hops from harvest to bottle, and more details about this year’s batch!

Our keg is scheduled to arrive at the couch today and as soon as it gets here we’ll be posting to let you know it’s being tapped!

Join us later today for some of The Session Gap, some super fresh Born Yesterday, and game 2 of the World Series (starting at 5:00)!