Over the past few weeks we’ve been varying the styles of our weekly Mystery Beer. We’ve poured an Amber (Smog City – Hive Five), a high-gravity Rye (Boulevard Brewing – Rye On Rye), a Kölsch (Kinetic – Potential Blonde), and a Chili IPA (Heretic – Primo Diablo). This week we went the sour route and tapped a beer that is also a celebration to the brewery that concocted it.

For your November 23rd Monday #MysteryBeer we present: Twenty Two from Avery Brewing in Boulder, CO.

From Draft Magazine‘s article “4 hopped Brett beers for IPA and wild ale fans“:

Avery Twenty Two: The 22nd anniversary release from Avery is labeled a “100% Brettanomyces drie-fermented dry-hopped wild ale.” Let’s parse that out: Brett drie is the specific strain of Brett (the yeast has different species that all produce different flavors in beer), and the beer is dry-hopped with Lemon Drop and Hersbrucker, meaning hops are added after the boil to produce maximum aromatics. OK. On to its characteristics: The Brett produces complex aromas of light red wine vinegar and some sweaty sock (in a good way!), while the hops express themselves more on the tongue. There’s a light grapiness and peach from the Brett drie, and the hops contribute complimentary citric tartness that riffs on the fruit theme. It’s pleasing despite its complexity, and doesn’t veer too far toward Brett’s stranger side.

Stop in soon to enjoy a pour of this funky example of what Brett can contribute to a brew…you’ll probably end up have more than 1! Also, read more about Brett and other hopped brett beers over at the Draft Magazine article. #Cheers!