Yesterday’s Mystery Beer, although a Scottish Export in style*,  didn’t make the journey from across the Atlantic to our shores. Brewed in Anaheim in not-so-far-away Orange County by Noble Ale Works we present your Mystery Beer for Monday, December 14th:

Curse Me Kilts!

This Scottish Export ale is reddish brown in color, medium in body and drinks smooth. Showcasing lots of tasty UK malts, and even some invert sugar too, this beer tastes of turbinado sugar, maple syrup and toasty bread without coming across as sweet. At only 4.6% abv it’s a perfect session beer to enjoy with friends and conversation! Come in for a pint or two or three!

*Several people commented about our listing the beer as a “Scottish Export”, thinking that it meant that the beer was actually exported from Scotland. Rest assured though that it is actual style of beer and is listed in the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guidelines: Style 9c in the 2008 edition and 14c in the 2015 edition.