After a brief change to Mondays, our weekly #MysteryBeer is returning to Tuesday due to popular demand and very good logistic reasons. To celebrate the return, and to kick off the month of March, we’ll be pouring the #MysteryBeer in to a glass that you can keep! All you have to do is identify the beer and the brewery. But don’t worry… we don’t make it difficult!

This week’s Mystery Beer is an IPA that, as far as we know, hasn’t been tapped in this county before, but it has been tapped further north of here. It’s well balanced and comes in at 5.9% abv.

We have a limited number of glasses, but you’ll get to keep yours if you identify the beer until we run out of them! (If we do, we’ll let you choose another pint glass to take with you though.)

Cheers, and enjoy the Mystery!