Mystery Beer This week is a new #MysteryBeer from a California brewery. The location that brewed this Red IPA just popped-up in Northern California less than a year ago, but the people that made it had experience making great tasting beers prior to the ribbon cutting.  At 7.6% and around 70-75 ibu, this beer has a slightly nutty, crust-like flavor with mouthfeel and flavors reminiscent of strawberry jam. The hops give this ruby ale a welcome bite, plus a few more in the hop back for a toasty-sweet aroma.

Enjoy a pint today at a special price and learn its identity tomorrow. Cheers!

All alcohol purchases must be consumed on premises and may not be removed from the pub. Percentages listed indicate alcohol by volume. All posted prices include sales tax. Mystery Beer pricing cannot be combined with other discount offers.
In accordance with state law: You MUST be 21 years of age or older to remain in the pub.