This week’s #MysteryBeer actually consist of 2 different beers, neither of who’s identity we’re going to divulge. We’re even making you do some work on this one and tell us which one you like more!

Both beers are IPAs, brewed in California and neither of them are brewed locally; which to us means that they’re brewed over 42 miles from here. You’ll be getting a 6 ounce pour of each beer side-by-side for your taste-test comparison. We’re only pouring these in 6 ounce pours so don’t expect to order a pint or even just one of them; you have to get both together!

Enjoy them both, but pick one as your favorite. We’ll give you a ticket to place in one of 2 voting buckets so that we’ll be able to figure out which one you all prefer! To entice you to vote: we’ll draw one winner at the end of the day who will win some pub stuff: some glassware, discounts during your next visit, and more!

Cheers! And welcome to a new #MysteryBeer Tuesday!