Yesterday we actually had 2 different Mystery Beers. Both are West Coast IPAs, 6.9%, and brewed in Southern California. What we didn’t tell you was that neither one has a real name yet, but there is something we can call them and we found more details on both!

The Mystery Beers were…

Experimental IPA Batch #2
Loads of lemon, piney, and stone fruit character


Experimental IPA Batch #3
Tropical hop character with mango, pineapple and melon aromatics at the forefront

both from Stone Brewing

We’ve been fortunate to get some of Stone Brewing’s Experimental beers from their Pilot Series in the past. Previous experiments we tapped include their Red IPA (which became Pataskala Red X IPA and is currently on tap) and Experimental IPA Batch #1 to name just a couple. This is the first time we’ve put two Mysteries on at the same time, and the 1st time you can influence what the brewery brews!

With Experimental IPA Batch #2 and #3, Stone specifically requested that we perform the taste test and get your feedback on these two brews and find out which is your favorite, which is why we were collecting your votes! We’ll be doing the same thing for the duration that these two kegs last.

Come in to get your 6 ounce side-by-side pour of each while they last! We won’t be serving them separately – you have to get both – but you can always do a 2nd round (3rd even?) of the pair!