The #MysteryBeer for yesterday comes from a local brewery just 20 miles from us here at the Couch. Although this is the first appearance of one of their tasty brews on our taps, their one year anniversary event is quickly approaching.

The Mystery Beer for Tuesday, May 24th

Chief Peak


TopaTopa Brewing

in Ventura

From their website:

From shrubland to woodland to highland, you’ve creekcrossed and switchbacked through it all today. You pause on the trail for a moment and crack open a Chief Peak. The piney hops are first to arrive. The tropical tones of passion fruit, orange, and gooseberry aren’t far behind. Watch as the sky blends from orange to blue. Look out on the valley and trace the contours of the mountain. Breathe in the thinning air, wipe the sweat from your brow, and take another well-earned sip.
Come by for a pint of this 7.0%abv / 75 IBU American IPA today and stay to enjoy some of the 10 other delicious craft beers we have on tap; order 4 ounce pours so you can sample several!


Click the image below for more details on TopaTopa’s One-Year Anniversary event.TopaTopa One-Year Anniversary Event