Every year in preparation for LA Beer Week a group of LA Brewers collaborate on Unity; a special release beer whose style changes yearly along with the location where it’s brewed. With the LA Beer Week Kickoff Festival coming up on the 18th we felt the timing was perfect to feature Unity 2016 as this week’s Mystery Beer.

From this year’s Unity press release:

This years Unity brew was conceptualized by Three Weavers brewmaster Alexandra Nowell who is calling the beer an “Experimental IPA” due to a generous dose of YCH Hops experimental hop varietal HBC522. Nowell had the good fortune of being given access to this new hop — so new, it not only doesn’t have a name, but an official commercial release has not been announced. Hop-lovers will be pleased to drink this 7.4% brew with bright notes of lemon zest, stone fruit, and a satisfyingly resinous finish.

Stop in for a pour today before the keg gets emptied out, and visit the LA Beer Week website for information on the Kickoff Festival.