Food Truck: For Tuesday, October 4th, we’re hosting the return of the Shrimp vs Chef food truck and all the tasty dishes that Chef Temple serves up! Join Darryl and other Couch Potatoes for dinner tonight and a delicious craft brew or few!

Barrel-Aged Beer Day Build-Up: This Friday is Barrel-Aged Beer Day! While we’re still in the process of finalizing the full line-up that will be pouring from the taps and bottles on Friday, we’re going to lead up to the day by tapping some barrel-aged greatness each day! Follow us on the Untappd app* to see our menu and get alerts when something new gets added to the taps or bottle fridge! We’ll also post the addition to our Twitter and Facebook feeds! We’ll be posting today’s addition this afternoon!

$4.44 Pints: 4 years this October! Thats how long the Couch has been around!! To help celebrate we’ll be pouring some select craft beer pints for just $4.44† throughout the rest of the month! Come and enjoy and celebrate by raising a pint with us!

Sorry all, but due to a delivery problem with a new distributor there’s no #MysteryBeer this week. We’re sad too.

* To receive alerts via Untappd about what’s going on at the Couch, open the app on your smartphone and search for the venue “Darryl’s Couch” (start typing in the search bar and then you’ll see the option for “venue”). Select us, then under “Get notifications from this venue:” choose “All Alerts”.
† Pricing includes all applicable sales tax