Saturday @ 5:00: Milk & Cookies with Nitro Merlin from Firestone

If you missed out on our Milk & Cookies with Firestone Walker event, you’re in luck! We’ve come into possession of a limited number of the delicious cookies from the Brown Butter Cookie Co. that pair so well with Firestone’s Nitro Merlin Milk Stout. Stop in Saturday night after 5:00 to indulge in this tasty pairing of treats!

Quantities are limited so we’re only announcing this on the internet. You’ll need to ask for your cookie when you come in and once they’re gone… that’s it! After you’ve enjoyed the pairing of your cookie and beer you’ll be able to keep the Nitro Merlin glass to remind you of the treat you got to enjoy!

Also still on tap this weekend from Firestone: Agrestic and Luponic Distortion!

Saturday @ 7:00: LA Kings vs Vancouver Canucks

Saturday at 7:00 our Los Angeles Kings host their division rivals the Vancouver Canucks. It’s the stretch to the playoffs and the Kings are looking to hold on to and improve their wild card position they gained last night. As we do whenever our LA Kings play, all drafts are 10% off during the game!

Sunday @ 6:00: The Walking Dead Watch Party and Potluck

Grab your seat, make new friends and join fellow fans as we all huddle together to share our gasps, laughs, and commentaries for one of our favorite shows: The Walking Dead!

The show is on at 6:00pm, just in time for dinner, so join in on our weekly potluck! This week’s food theme is Mexican! Cook up some enchiladas, burritos or taco fixings…or anything you like to share (or pick something up)! Don’t feel pressured though; you don’t need to feed a horde of walkers, and your fellow fans aren’t going to dine on you if you can’t bring anything at all. Just be sure to get here early to grab your favorite seat and get your plate ready!

Remember that all drafts are 10% off during premier showings of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead, which immediately follows this week at 7:02.

Discount offers cannot be combined except where otherwise noted. Our LA Kings game discount applies to draft beers ordered between 15 minutes before and 3 hours after the scheduled start time of the game. Our The Walking Dead discount applies to all draft beers ordered 5:45pm – 8:00pm on Sunday nights when we’re showing The Walking Dead and Talking Dead.
In accordance with state law: You MUST be 21 years of age or older to remain in the pub.