Yesterday’s Mystery Beer is Ladyface Weizenbock from Ladyface Ale Companie in Agoura, less than 15 miles from here at the Couch. From their website: Ladyface Weizenbock is

a German-style wheat beer that is deep and sultry, with chocolate & raisin tones, notes of cloves & banana, and a dry finish. It is unfiltered and the large amount of wheat in the recipe lends a rich body, and gives it’s appearance a characteristic cloudy haze in a dark cloak.

Stop in soon to enjoy a pour of this tasty local brew or more of the delicious craft beers available!

At 6:00 tonight, our LA Kings continue their fight to make a playoff spot as they visit Calgary to take on the Flames. Join us during the game to cheer on our team and enjoy 10% off all drafts! Cheers and Go Kings Go!

What’s a Mystery Beer?
Each Tuesday we’ll tap a beer new to our taps, let you know the style, the Alcohol By Volume (ABV), and the International Bittering Units (IBU), and serve it up at a special reduced price. What’s the catch? We won’t tell you the name of the beer, who brews it, or even the area that it’s brewed (well, maybe the area)! You’ll have to wait until the next day to see the update here on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter page!

Enjoy the mystery!!

Percentages listed indicate alcohol by volume and “ibu” indicates International Bittering Units. All posted prices include all applicable sales taxes. Discount offers cannot be combined except where otherwise noted. Our LA Kings game discount applies to draft beers (except the Mystery Beer) ordered between 15 minutes before and 3 hours after the scheduled start time of the game.