Sunday at 6:00pm one of our favorite TV shows returns to the screen for its 100th episode & season 8 premier: The Walking Dead. Join our group of dedicated fans as we huddle together to share gasps, laughs, and commentaries (during commercials and post-show only) while we watch the new season begin!

(At 4:30 there’s a special showing of the season 7 finale, with a bonus scene and cast interviews.)

The new episode is on right at dinnertime (6:00pm) so join in on our weekly pot luck! This week’s theme is…ANYTHING! That’s right, just as we’ve done at the start of previous seasons, there’s no restriction or suggestion on what to bring. It could be BBQ, Mexican, Italian, Southern, German… any style of food you’d like. Just make it something you enjoy!

Don’t feel pressured though. You don’t need to feed a horde of walkers, and your fellow fans aren’t going to dine on you if you don’t bring anything to share.

At 7:07 we’ll be watching Talking Dead with last call at the end of the show!

Also, remember that all craft beers are 10% off during the 1st showing of The Walking Dead!

The show starts at 6:00! Be sure to get here early to grab your favorite seat and get your plate ready!

(We will NOT be showing Sunday Night Football this week as all our TVs will be showing The Walking Dead.)