Which of our Ventura County Brewers* has the best IPA? Let’s find out in a weeks-long, blind competition. Stop in on Wednesdays. You’ll get a flight of 3 local IPAs, then pick your favorite and get a pint of that brew. Find out Thursday what you picked!

All day Wednesday, if you want an IPA from our taps you’ll receive a flight of three 4-ounce pours then a pint of your favorite from the three. (You’ll be voting with your pint pick!) Don’t worry though… if you want another pint, you’ll be able to get it without another flight (unless you want one), and that pint will also count as a vote. Because we want to ensure everyone picks a pint of what they enjoy the most and not just their favorite local brewery, we WILL NOT be revealing which 3 beers are on tap that day until closing and results will be posted the following day.

Each round of the double-elimination completion will occur on Wednesdays. If a beer doesn’t win 1st place for the day it will still have the chance to come back and compete again in a future round. After we’ve gone through every beer at least twice we’ll have single-elimination semi-finals, with the most popular 3 beers competing in a final round for the title. Each round: 1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points & 3rd = 1 point. If a beer only has 2 points after the 2nd time it’s on tap then it is out of the competition.

Come and enjoy great local beers and vote for the one you like the most!

Round 1.1 took place Wednesday, January 3rd

Round 1.2 took place Wednesday, January 10th

Round 1.3 took place Wednesday, January 17th

Round 1.4 took place Wednesday, January 31st

Round 1.5 took place Wednesday, February 7th

There will be no face-off on February 14th

See the results from each week here.








*For a brewery to able to participate in the competition, their primary brewery location must be in Ventura County or within 2 miles of the border of the County. The beer being used in the competition must be brewed at the primary location, a single IPA (below 8% abv) and consistently available from the brewery; no special one-off batches, flagship brands preferred.