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Friday Favorite — September 20th

Friday Favorite for September 20th

Fridays are a very special day. It’s the last day of the work week and, more importantly, it’s the start of the weekend! So we’ve decided you should get to have some input on what beer to enjoy to start your weekend, so we’re letting you choose a Friday Favorite for us to put on tap!

Included in this week is an option for “Other”. Enter your own option here. We’ll add all the write-ins to the list on Wednesday night but we’ll include them in the poll for the next couple of days! If your write-in matches someone else’s we’ll make sure it gets the right number of votes! If a write-in choice wins, and we can’t get it this week, we’ll do our best to get it for next week! (Resist the urge to write-in Russian River. We’d love to get it, but we can’t, and we don’t want you to waste your vote.)

Just answer one simple question: If we had all these beers available to put on tap, which one would you like us to tap?

• Voting will close at Noon on Friday.
• We’ll tap by 4:00!
• If we can’t tap the winner then we’ll tap the 2nd place finisher.
• You can vote once every 6 hours!
• You can share it and have your friends vote too!
See you Friday!

About us

Darryl's Couch features 11 rotating taps and a constantly evolving bottle selection of over 30 craft beers. Hidden away at the base of the Conejo Grade in Camarillo Springs, our mission is to be the destination in Ventura County for craft beer fanatics and the uninitiated to experience and learn about great craft beers in a relaxed atmosphere where you can make new friends, play a game of pool and have a great time.

While we don't serve any food, you're always welcome to bring in your own or order something for delivery. Most every pizza place in Camarillo delivers to us as well as other food styles.

Keep an eye on our website for information about visiting Food Trucks, when we have some of the finest gourmet food trucks in Ventura County come and visit us and provide you with great food to accompany our great craft beers.


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